About us
Surgika was born in 2004 willing to create a production reality, competitive in Europe, in the medical device field, so to offer concrete solutions starting from avant-garde ideas.
In 2011 took over the Unicare, a company working since 2001 in the non woven processing, procedural packs production and infusion lines realization.
Thanks to an upgraded staff and a consulting know how, Surgika increased the Unicare market investing in higher technology devices, in order to launch not products but projects.

Share with our partners innovation follows, job passion and patient care. Generate production structures in Europe so to guarantee service, quality and employment.

Reference markets
Surgika is present both in Public and Private Health national market through a network of Product Specialists, Sales Representatives and Distributors.
Thanks to increased product lines we entered into the international market and created a system of global partners so to guarantee the promotion and distribution.
Aptē line is commercialized in Europe, North Africa, Emirates and South America.
For developing the international market Surgika is participating at important events: Medica at Dusseldorf, Arab Health at Dubai and Hospitalar at Sao Paulo.